Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Saving Abby: a story of a woman's determination to do anything for her child

Saving Abby by Steena Holmes is the story of one woman’s desperate fight to have the child she’s always dreamed of. She must fight her husband, her friends, and her family to make her dream come true. Claire Turner has dreamed of having children since she was a little girl. When she married her husband, Josh, they dreamed together. After seven years of marriage, the dream of children has been unfulfilled. Until one day, after they returned from a cruise vacation, Claire isn’t feeling well. She’s been having severe headaches and constantly sleeping. At the request of her husband, Claire sees their friend and doctor, Abby Cox. The exam reveals that Claire is finally pregnant. As the good news spreads, Claire seems to be getting more and more tired and the headaches getting worse. After several tests, the doctors reveal something is seriously wrong. Claire’s only thought is to her unborn child. Her family and friends say she is being foolish. Can Claire save the life of her child? Will her choice put her own life at risk?

Saving Abby is an emotional story of a woman’s journey to motherhood when she’s faced with an impossible choice. The story gives no indication at the ending of the story. The reader may be expecting one ending or another; however, the end will leave the reader shocked and sadden. I recommend Saving Abby as an emotional story which leaves the readers with a question, what would have been our choice?

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