Friday, June 3, 2016

While You were Mine: life changes with the end of WWII

While You were Mine by Ann Howard Creel is a story of one woman’s world coming to an end with the end of World War II.

The story opens in August 1945, Gwen Mullen is a nurse in New York City when she hears the news of the Japanese surrender. At her door is the one man who will tear her world apart. A man who has come for his daughter. Gwen had become the adoptive mother of Mary whose mother, Alice, left when she was a few months old and her father, John, is presumed dead in Europe. With the help of her German neighbors, Lisen and Geoff, and her new roommate, Dot, Gwen takes care of the baby. John learns that Alice has left the baby with Gwen and he is determined to find her. When he can’t, he returns to New York determined to raise his daughter. Gwen agrees to help John learn how to take care of Mary and ease himself into Mary’s life. Soon, the two become close and plan a future together until Alice returns. Will Gwen have to say goodbye to Mary and John for good? Will she be able to walk away?

While You were Mine is a great story filled with drama and twists and turns. I loved the realistic depiction of life for the returning soldiers. The memories, the nightmares, the difficulties returning to civilian life are portrayed honestly and realistically. The characters are real and relatable. You feel the heartache for some, feel anger for others and you begin to understand the hard transition of life after war. I recommend While You were Mine. It’s a great story of life, love and starting over.

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