Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fractured Karma: a story of a young man who may be in too deep

Fractured Karma by Nancy Straight is the story of one young man who had lived in foster homes and group homes for most of his life. After running away at the age of 15, he’s lived on the streets, committing petty crimes to stay alive until one day when he gets caught. Mark Brewer tried to steal a Ferrari. The cop who pulls him over was a former roommate at the group home. He decides to cut Mark a deal. He’ll let him pass for the grand theft, if he can turn informant against Johnny Corozzo, the local crime boss who has hands in many different ventures. Mark reluctant agrees and he works his way up through the ranks of Johnny’s crew. Until one day, he is within the inner circle. As he feeds information to the cops, Mark learns a surprising news. Could it be true? Or is it a plot to take him out of Johnny’s crew? Will he be able to leave the crew alive?

Fractured Karma is a great book. It was thrilling and mysterious as the reader follows Mark on his dangerous double life. You eagerly turn the page, reading furiously, always wondering if Mark will get caught. As you read, you feel for Mark as he tries to figure out the information which will turn his life around. Will he find the truth about his past? About his family? I can’t say much about the book as it would spoil the sequence of events. I can say that I eagerly await more stories about Mark Brewer. I highly recommend Fractured Karma.

Fractured Karma
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