Friday, July 15, 2016

Somebody else's business: a story of assumptions leading to disaster

Somebody else’s business by Charlton James is a story of assumptions, wrong assumptions which tears apart so many lives as the assumption and rumor flows from person to person. John Willoughby is unexpectedly deployed to Afghanistan, leaving his fiancée, Tiffany Adams behind. After months of deployment, Tiffany receives a very loving letter from John which makes her day until she suddenly loses it. Cue, Kelly who finds the letter while walking her dog. She brings it home with every intention to return it to the address on the envelope. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she reads it. Cue her husband, Paul, who walks in on her in a very romance scene, reading a letter which he did not send her. It sends him on a spiral out of control. And the chain events begins as the letter begins to affect everyone who comes in contact with it and not for good. Will the truth come out? Will Tiffany receive her letter back?

Unfortunately, I could not finish Someone else’s business. The story started out great but eventually it spiraled out of control. I didn’t like the language that was used. I couldn’t follow the chain of events, how people were connected to the previous person who had the letter. Although I didn’t finish it and it wasn’t the book for me, I can see where it would appeal to other readers. I’m recommending Someone else’s business as a story of false assumptions which ruin lives as one does not stop and ask what is really going on.

Someone else’s business
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