Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob series: lessons for problem solving, pursuing dreams and taking care of our oceans

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob by Brooks Olbrys is a series of books which educates children about the ocean, its creatures, its problems and how people can help. It also introduces children to problem solving and encouragement when in doubt. The lessons of the series is to “Think it, See it, Believe it, and Achieve it.” A Journey Begins is book 1 of the series as Bob is introduced. He lives on an island and dreams of something more. Xena, a hummingbird, is his guardian. Bob goes on a quest where he meets Al, a dolphin. Doc, a sea turtle. Earl, a clam and he realizes that he wants to study marine biology. He meets with Mary Marine who works as the pier. There she gives him jobs to do as he begins his studies.

A Challenging Job is book 2 as Bob is given the task to clean up the garbage in the ocean. He meets Beck, a pelican, and Cathy, a crab, who help him with his tasks. As a storm is approaching, Bob must help the island prepare. The main theme is to look for a solution despite the odds and one’s doubts.

Into the Lead is book 3 as Bob is put in charge as Mary must leave the island. There’s been a earthquake and an oil spill has occurred. Andy, the Great White, is stuck on the beach. Bob must find a solution to help Andy back into the ocean. With the help of all the sea creatures he’s met, Bob is able to get Andy back where he belongs.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series as I loved the lessons of hard work, finding solutions against the odds, and asking for help when it is needed. The author created the series when he was inspired by his young son. He founded Children’s Success Unlimited. The series is beautifully illustrated by Kevin Keele and has won numerous book awards. I highly recommend The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob for any school and family libraries with its lessons of courage, creativity, decision, action and leadership.

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