Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Renegade Queen: a woman before her time

The Renegade Queen by Eva Flynn is an interesting book to read now with the anticipated nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democrat candidate for president. The story is about the first woman to run for president, Victoria Woodhull. An interesting woman who run at a time when she couldn’t even vote.

The story opens in 1838 as she tells the story of her beginnings. Her parents, Buck and Anna Claflin, named her Victoria as Queen Victoria who was in the first year of her reign. One day when Victoria was at school, she claimed she could see the individuals who died from the yellow fever outbreak which can occurred earlier. Her father is thrilled and seeks to “train” her as a medium. The family travels with a fair, selling Victoria’s “visions” to anyone who sought to speak to a departed loved one. There she meets Dr. Canning Woodhull and her life takes another turn. She marries at 15 and is soon presented with a life which will be harsh and unfair. After the horrors of the Civil War and the country in turmoil, Victoria takes charge of her life and decides enough is enough. As she seeks to better her life and the lives of all women, she meets the important figures of the time: Commodore Vanderbilt, Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton just to name a few.

Victoria Woodhull was an interesting woman, definitely out of her time. She advocated ideas that shocked her era but would most likely be accepted today. She was a pioneer in so many ways. Mrs. Woodhull was too radical for her time and a little too radical for me. But I admire her passion and drive to right the wrongs she saw in her world. I recommend The Renegade Queen. As an important figure in history who has been erased until now. Her story deserves to be told.

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