Tuesday, August 16, 2016

One Hundred Years of Marriage: life and marriage through the years of one family

One hundred Years of Marriage by Louise Farmer Smith is a story of one family’s journey through life’s ups and downs, marriage good times and bad times. The story opens in 1960 as Patricia, the narrator, is home from college to take care of her mother, Alice, who is ill. She is trying to figure out what is wrong her mother as she tries to figure out her own future with her boyfriend, Tom. The story then turns to the past to1934, when Alice meets her future husband’s family. The story then turns to the past again to 1923 when Alice was a little girl. And then to the past again to 1894 and this is where I stopped.

I couldn’t finish One hundred Years of Marriage. I was too bored with the story. There were way too many characters to try to keep track of without any real indication about who they were. Maybe it would have been revealed later in the story about how it all fit. I also felt the going back in time exasperated my confusion. The mystery behind Alice’s illness was the link that connected the different marriages through Patricia’s maternal family but it wasn’t enough to hold my interest. If the story peaks your interest, you can check it out. Unfortunately, for me, it didn’t hold my interest.

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