Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Valley: a story of a new beginning in a Virginian valley

The Valley by Helen Bryan is book one of The Valley Trilogy. After the death of her father, Sophia Grafton faces a choice: live in poverty in England or move to the colonies where her father has a tobacco plantation. She chooses to take her chances with the plantation. Only once she get there, she realizes the plantation and life in the colonies isn’t at all how it was convened to her. She begins to carve out a living with a ragtag group of freed slaves, traders and other who don’t fit elsewhere. Together they fight Indian attacks, disease, and the dread slave snatchers. Will Sophia be able to make her plantation a success? Will she survive the wild wilderness of the Americas?

The Valley is an interesting story of a beautiful valley in Virginia. It is filled with wonderful characters, beautiful scenery amd action of life on a homestead. The last few chapters were confusing as to how they fit into the story. My conclusion is that the end of the book will connect with book 2 of this trilogy. If you enjoy historical fiction, you will enjoy The Valley. I recommend this book as beautiful story of the people who lived here in the beginnings of our country.

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