Monday, September 12, 2016

Always and Forever: a story of the aftermath after an impossible choice

Always and Forever by Soraya Lane is the story of Lisa and Matt Collins who must make an impossible choice and struggle with the aftermath of that choice. The story opens as Lisa and Matt learn they are finally pregnant after years of trying to start their family. Things are going smoothly until Lisa gets a devastating diagnosis. Now the couple must an impossible choice: her life or the baby’s. As they make their choice, life as they knew it falls apart. Lisa falls into a deep depression and Matt struggles to return to the life they had before. They decide to go on a road trip, thinking that leaving home will help them leave everything behind. Will the road trip be the therapy they are looking for? Will they return to the life and love they had before? Or did the choice they made destroy everything they cared for?

Always and Forever is a wonderful story which features a topic and a choice which many couples never think they will face. A fast read which gets to the heart of the conflict between husband and wife. They both rationalize their choice in different ways. As I read, I kept asking myself what decision I would make. Which decision would my husband make? Would be able to live with the choice? I highly recommend Always and Forever!

Always and Forever

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