Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Everything we keep: one woman's search for the truth

Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale is a story of one woman’s belief that her fiance, James, wasn’t dead and her determination to figure out why everyone tries to convince her otherwise. The story opens in July on what was supposed to be Aimee Tierney’s wedding day. Now it’s a funeral. She struggles to move on with her life as sudden changes occur around her. Her parents sell their restaurant leaving her without a job. Her favorite café closes. She meets Ian, a handsome photographer. One day, she decides to open her own café as she always dream she would. As her friends, family and Ian help her realize her dream. But as she moves on, she still can’t shake the feeling that James was still alive. She goes on a mission to find out the truth surrounding James’ death. Is James alive? Will she find out the truth? Will she be able to move on with the new life she’s built?

Everything We Keep is an excellent story. I enjoyed Aimee’s story from grief to a new life. I felt her journey was very real and emotional. Readers will grieve with Aimee as she struggles with life after James. Readers will rejoice as she fulfills her dream and maybe even finds new love. Readers will cheer with Aimee as she is determined to find out the truth despite the opposition from others. Without giving too much away, it was highly suspenseful and it definitely had an ending I was not expecting. I highly, highly recommend Everything We Keep!

Everything We Keep
Is available at major booksellers
In paperback, audiobook and Kindle