Thursday, September 22, 2016

Faithful: one woman's journey from the depths of despair

Faithful by Alice Hoffman is the story of one woman’s struggle to regain her life after a tragedy leaves her wishing the outcome was completely different. Shelby Richmond was in a terrible car accident during her senior year of high school, which left her friend, Helene in a coma. As Shelby struggles with survivor’s guilt, mental breakdown and a suicide attempt, she begins to receive a series of postcards with simple messages. Messages of encouragement and inspiration. She decides to start fresh, moves to New York City with her boyfriend, Ben Mink, and tries to discover what she wants in life. She gets a job at a local pet store, she befriends a coworker and all the while still receiving the postcard messages. She goes through a few breakups, twists and turns and begins to rebuild her life. Will Shelby be able to leave her guilt behind? Who is sending the postcards?

Faithful is a wonderful story of life after a tragedy. The struggle with survivor’s guilt is portrayed with very realistic details. As Shelby is pulled back into the land of the living, learning to love herself again and others as a result. I enjoyed the reveal of the mysterious postcard writer. I loved the “in your face” grittiness of Shelby’s story. It’s an excellent book and I highly, highly recommend it.

will be available November 1, 2016
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