Friday, September 16, 2016

Fractured: a story of a seemingly perfect neighborhood

Fractured by Catherine McKenzie is a story of life in suburbia in which the neighbors are watching and a tragedy leaves it fractured. The story opens in the present day with John peering out the window at the house across the street. He is waiting for something. The story switches to Julie, twelve months ago, as she is new in the neighbor. She, her husband, Daniel, and kids moved in Mount Adams area of Cincinnati for Daniel’s new job. She slowly meets her neighbors as she tries to leave the memories what she left behind in Seattle. The story switches between the present as the past moves forward to current events. Tensions are building in the neighborhood as the perfect fa├žade begins to crack. What tragedy finally broke the neighborhood apart? What role does John and Julie have in the events leading to it?

Fractured is an awesome story with great storytelling. It was suspenseful, keeping me on the edge of my seat as little details are revealed. The story keeps you guessing as what the mystery is until the great reveal and it won’t be what you’d expect. I loved the switch between past and present. I loved the reveal of the crime. I highly, highly recommend Fractured!

will be available October 4, 2016
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