Tuesday, September 6, 2016

In Twenty Years: five friends gather to honor one friend and confront the past

In Twenty Years by Allison Winn Scotch is the story of five friends who reunite at the last request of a departed friend. They must confront past indiscretions, present issues and hope to build better futures. The story begins in 1998 with the six college friends and roommates on the eve of their graduation. Bea, the de facto leader, gathers everyone together and has them write a letter to their selves twenty years in the future. Annie is shy and reluctant to write such a letter. Lindy, the outgoing musician, is eager. Colin, the handsome future doctor and Owen and Catherine, the college sweethearts, are also eager to write this letter. Fast forward to 2016. Bea tragically died thirteen years earlier which fractured the friends cross the country, leaving the lines of communication and friendship tattered and frayed. Each friend receives a letter from the Bea’s estate, request each one to spend the weekend of what would have been Bea’s 40th birthday at their college home. As the friends arrive at the house, it is clear that the past is still a part of their lives. Will the friends be able to find the common thread which gathered them together in the first place? Will they be able to get their lives back on track? To the dreams they held eighteen years ago?

In Twenty Years is an excellent story filled with drama, excitement, tears and joy. The characters felt real with their past and current issues. The reader could be any or all of the characters. I also enjoyed how the story is told from each character’s perspective. You get to really see their motivations. You can related to their fears of failure, of rejection, of the past and of the future. You will cheer with them, cry with them, and cry foul when someone is being a jerk. I highly recommend In Twenty Years!

In Twenty Years
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