Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Faultlines: a story of a family cracked after a tragedy

Faultlines by Barbara Taylor Sissel is the story of how a tragedy can tear a family apart and one woman’s fight to find the truth and keep her family together. The story opens with the call every parent dreads. Sandy and Emmett Cline get the late night call from the police. Their son, Jordan, along with his cousin, Travis and their friend, Michelle, were in a terrible car accidents. Jordan is seriously injured while Travis and Michelle are critically injured. Soon it becomes apparent that there is more to this accident then what is being reported. Jordan is accused of drinking and driving. Len “Huck” Huckabee, a local deputy who is all “badge and ego” seems to have it out for Jordan and is determined to see him charged and convicted for the accident. In the aftermath of the accident, Sandy’s sister and Travis’ mother, Jenna, reveals a secret which shakes the family to the core. In the course of the investigation, the accident seems to be not so clean cut as the police want it to be. What really happened on the road that night? Will the family be able to come back together after what has happened and what has been said?

Faultlines is a story about the dangers and consequences of drinking and driving. I felt some of the plotlines were unnecessary and confused the story. I was trying to figure out how it all it and the connections didn’t quite gel as the story concluded. However, I enjoyed the story for its suspense and its main message of the consequences of drinking and driving. The subject was dealt with in a realistic manner. I recommend Faultlines for its suspense and realistic portrayal of a growing problem.

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