Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Girl from Venice: a mystery set in war torn Italy

The Girl from Venice by Martin Cruz Smith is a World War II drama set in Italy as a simple fisherman is pulled into a world of spies and wartime suspicions. Innocenzo “Cenzo” Vianello is a fishing one night in the lagoon of his village when he finds the body of a female, Guila, floating in the water. After a moment’s hesitation, he pulls her on his boat and from that moment, his life is never the same. He is pulled into a world of espionage, half-truths and mysteries as to who this woman is and what the Germans and the Italians what with her. She soon goes missing. With the addition of his family obligations and his resistance to do what is expected of him, Cenzo is pulled by the desire to rescue Guila. Will he find her in time? Will he discover why she’s so important to the Germans? Is there someone else after her?

The Girl from Venice is a fast paced drama with twists and turns, suspense which will leave you holding your breath. I enjoyed this book from the first page and I eagerly turned each page waiting to see if Cenzo finds Guila before the Germans do. I enjoyed reading a World War II story featuring Italy and the attitudes of the Italians toward Mussolini, Hitler, Americans and the war itself. There is so much I enjoyed about the book but I can’t really talk about finer points due to spoilers. However, if you enjoy a love story hidden in the suspense of World War II, you will enjoy this book. I highly recommend The Girl from Venice.

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