Monday, November 21, 2016

An Ishmael of Syria: life as an outcast

An Ishmael of Syria by Asaad Almohammad is the story of Adam, an exiled Syrian living in Malaysia as his family still lives in his war-torn homeland. A self-proclaimed global citizen and philosopher of world events, Adam tries to make the most of his situation. However, he is met with intolerance and racism. He is a man without a country, without a home, without shelter from the cruelty of this cold world. Despite this, he does what he can for his family back home. As the news out of Syria becomes more and more distressing, Adam begins to question everything he believes about himself, God and the world around him. Will Adam ever be able to get back home? Will his family survive this terrible war?

An Ishmael of Syria is a moving and eloquent story as it unveils the events his present as well as the events of his past that brought him so far from home. The story brings to the forefront of the complexities that is the conflicts in the Middle East. Each side has what they believe is right and just and fighting against those who threatened or has taken away their homes. I suggest reading this book slowly, absorbing every description, every sight and try to imagine life as an Ishmael, an outcast. I highly recommend An Ishmael of Syria.

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