Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Things We Wish Were: one community's struggles with life's ups and downs

The Things We Wish Were True by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen is the story of the Sycamore Glen neighborhood of Matthews, North Carolina and one summer when tragedy strikes and they pull together. Soon it becomes apparent that everyone has a secret, a past and pain that they wish to hide. Zell Boyette is an older married woman with grown kids who becomes the caretaker of Cailey after her brother nearly drowns at the community pool. Lance Bryson is the newly single father of Alex and Lilah. He has been struggling with life after his wife, Debra, picks up and leaves. Bryte Lewis is struggling with her husband, Everett’s desire for another baby and her desire to go back to work. Jencey is returning to her hometown after a long absence with her two daughters. As old friends and old jealousies emerge, the community must come together to help a family in need. Will they be able to put their past behind them and help? Will old hurts keep friends apart?

The Things We Wish Were True is a great story of a small community where life seems perfect but closed doors hide a myriad of secrets. There are secrets and unique issues which bring the characters to life as if these people could be our next door neighbors right now. This fast paced story will keep your attention as you read everyone’s perspective on the events of one summer in North Carolina. I highly recommend The Things We Wish Were True.

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