Monday, November 7, 2016

The Woman on the Orient Express: an adventure story featuring Agatha Christie

The Woman on the Orient Express by Lindsay Jayne Ashford is a story of Agatha Christie and her journey on the Orient Express and the adventure she has while in the exotic Middle East. Its 1928, she is still reeling from the fall out of her divorce from her husband, Archie, and her mysterious disappearance which she has no memory of. Her trip is in hopes to travel incognito and a fresh start. Along the way, she meets Katharine Keeling, a young woman who has worked as an archeologist who is traveling to join her fiancĂ©, Leonard Woolley. One night, she saves a young woman who attempts suicide from the back of the train. The young woman turns out to be Ann “Nancy” Grandfield, wife of the Viscount Felix Nelson. The three women soon becomes friends as they journey on the train, visiting the sights along the way.  From Venice to Istanbul to Baghdad, the three women become friend, each with their own secret they are desperately trying to hide. Will their secrets be revealed? Will they be able to stop running from their past and build a new future?

The Women on the Orient Express is a great story about three women in a world which often didn’t appreciate their intelligence ot their very existence. At first, I thought the woman in the title referred to Agatha Christie but I soon realized that the woman could also refer to Katharine or Nancy as it is their story as much as Agatha’s. Ms. Christie really did travel the Orient Express and toured the dig sites of the Ur with the Woolleys. There she would meet her second husband. The book also gives the insight on the inspiration for the books that followed this journey. If you are a fan of Agatha Christie, even if you aren’t, I highly recommend The Woman on the Orient Express was an adventure story which will introduce Ms. Christie to you in ways you may have never seen her before.

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