Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Pattern Artist: one woman's courage to fulfill her dream

The Pattern Artist by Nancy Moser is the story of one woman’s dream to make her life better than what she lived before. Annie Wood is a housemaid for a wealthy English family. She has dreams of becoming a lady’s maid in the household as she travels with Lady Newly and her daughter, Miss Henrietta, to America. When she realizes that her dream isn’t going to become a reality, she strikes off on her own in New York City.

Set in 1911, Annie is a young woman with a natural talent for fashion and her skills for alternations and sewing are used to the advantage of the lady’s maids.  She sets out with Iris and Danny Dalking, servants from the household that she’s visiting. Alone on the streets with nothing to their names, the trio is taken in by a family who runs a bakery. Knowing that working in a bakery isn’t where she wants to be, Annie sets off and tries to get a job at Macy’s. To her surprise, she does and immediately begins to establish herself with great customer service and an eye for the fashions her customers desire. She soon gets involved with a pattern salesman, Sean Culver, who helps open another door which will lead her closer to a new dream of design fashions for the everyday woman. As she works, more and more doors of opportunity open. Does she dare walk through them, knowing there is no return? Can she trust God to guide her through those doors?

The Pattern Artist is a great story of the American Spirit where “humble beginnings are a badge of honor. It’s not where you begin but where you end up.” I loved Annie who struggles with her own worth but had the bravery to try anyway. I loved all the characters she meets along the way especially Sean. The budding romance between the two is sweet and heartwarming. The story has romance, suspense, heartbreak and joy. I highly recommend The Pattern Artist.

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