Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Twilight Wife: one woman trying to get her life back

The Twilight Wife by AJ Banner is the story of Kyra Winthrop as she recovers from a diving accident. She now suffers from anterograde amnesia (the difficulty forming new memories) and retrograde amnesia (the difficulty remembering old memories). As she struggles with her recovering, she begins to suspect something’s not right with what she knows. She begins to question her husband, Jacob, and her life with him. When she begins to search for clues of the memories she has lost, she learns that everything she knows may be false. When she finally learns the truth, she must play safe as she tries to recover the life she lost.

The Twilight Wife is set on an island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It is an excellent book from the first page. Readers will feel for Kyra as she struggles to recover and catch your breath as you learn the truth alongside her. It is suspenseful with clues pointing to so many directions. Readers will decipher the clues with Kyra as she tries to pierce the fog in her head and the lies she’s been told. I highly recommend The Twilight Wife. It’s an excellent, excellent book!

The Twilight Wife
will be available December 27, 2016
on Amazon in paperback and on the Kindle
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