Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christy & Todd: The Married Years series

I have grown up with Robin Jones Gunn’s books. I reviewed The Christy Miller series, The Sienna Jensen series and Christy and Todd: The College Years and The Katie Weldon series last year. I’ve finally been able to finish the Christy and Todd: The Married Years series. Forever with You is the first book in this new series and it picks up immediately after the Katie Weldon series ended. Christy has an announcement to make and her plans to tell Todd are interrupted when a series of events prevents her from sharing the news. Soon they will face trials and hardships that will test their marriage, their faith in God and their faith in each other. They must learn that plans will go awry and new dreams will be pursued together. Will they stand firm together as the tough times come?

Home of Our Hearts is the second book in the series. The story begins as Todd and Christy make ready to start their journeys to the weddings of Todd’s dad in the Canary Islands and Christy’s friend, Katie, in Kenya. Everything seems to go smoothly until a sudden medical emergency seem to derail those plans. Despite the bumpy start, the two are on their way. Christy begins to question where she and Todd are meant to be at home as she sees her father-in-law and her best friend enjoy their adopted homes. Will she and Todd ever find the home of their hearts?

One More Wish is the final book in the series which begins with Christy’s 26th birthday as she makes a birthday wish. She makes a wish and realizes she forgot one thing to wish for. She and Todd begin to discuss having children and Christy questions if she’s ready for a family. When their dear friends, Doug and Tracy, face unexpected trials, Todd and Christy’s resolve for their future family is tested. She sees what could possibly change when children do arrive. Will Christy ever be ready for children of her own? Can she make one more wish?

Christy and Todd: the Married Years has been a series of nostalgia as the earlier series are referenced and old friends are met again. Although I found Christy still a little naïve about what it means to be a wife and possible future mother, I enjoyed seeing her grow through her trials. If you grew up the Christy Miller and her friends, you will enjoy this series. Ms. Gunn as continued Christy and Todd’s story in a new series, The Baby Years, and I will review those books when the final book is available.