Friday, January 6, 2017

In the Blue Hour: a story of grief and life after loss

In the Blue Hour by Elizabeth Hall is the story of one woman’s journey to restore her life after the sudden loss of her husband. Elise Brooks is trying to live life after her husband, Michael, was killed in a sudden car accident. Plagued by visions of the accident, ravens and other omens, she sets on a path to find out if her husband is trying to reach her, trying to point her on the path she needs to take now. Despite the objections of her best friend, Monica, Elise sets on a trip from the mountains of northern New Mexico to the mountains of Tennessee. Along the way she learns the truth about herself, her husband and her family’s past hidden from her for so long. Will Elise be able to move on with her life? Will she be able to see her loved ones in the blue hour?

In the Blue Hour is a great story of life through grief and a journey to a home long forgotten. The title refers to the blue hour where the sky deepens into “a deep ice-blue at dusk” where, according to the story, the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest. The story is rich will Native American folklore and omens which drive the character on her journey. I enjoyed every character as they are needed for the story. No one character seemed out of place as Elise struggles with what she knows and what she sees. It is an excellent story all around and I highly recommend In the Blue Hour for its take on grief, the Native American themes and the great story of how our loved ones never really leave us.

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