Thursday, February 23, 2017

All the Breaking Waves: a story of the healing going home can bring

All the Breaking Waves by Kerry Lonsdale is the story of one woman’s struggles with her past as she tries to help her troubled daughter. Molly Brennan wakes up to one of her daughter’s night terrors. Cassie has dreams and visions of terrible accidents. After two of her visions come true, her school principal places her on suspension. Cassie then has a vision involving Molly and her own death. Molly, at a loss about what to do next, goes to the one place she feared: home. She arrives at her grandmother’s Pacific Grove, California home. A house which holds many terrible memories for Molly. When she arrives, she runs into her childhood friend and sweetheart, Owen Torres. A man whose heart she broke many years ago. As Molly and Cassie try to rebuild their lives and avoid circumstances in which her visions depict, Molly confronts the past and the reasons she left home, vowing never to return. Will she be able to face the past? Will she comes to terms with who she is? Will she be able to let Owen back in and accept his support and love?

This is the second book I’ve read by Ms. Lonsdale. All the Breaking Waves did not disappoint! It is a great book filled with drama and family secrets, long lost love and moving forward. I loved every character even the secondary characters, the grandmother’s friends, who were only in one scene but gave the book a dose of humor that lightened the mood before diving deeper in the family secrets. I loved the love story between Owen and Molly. Every character seemed very real to me and could even be people I know. I especially loved the description of Pacific Grove. Ms. Lonsdale’s descriptions made it feel as if I were really there. I highly, highly recommend All the Breaking Waves!

All the Breaking Waves
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