Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mad Love: a comedic look into the world of dating apps

Can science or mathematics predict if two people are perfect for each other? That is the premise behind Mad Love by Nick Spalding. A popular dating site in the UK, Sociality, is conducting a contest in which the site’s algorithm will match two people and the site will have the couple married before they meet and prove the algorithm works for the perfect match. Adam Holborne is a video game journalist who learns he has been chosen after a fight with a video game mascot at an expo. Jessica “Jess” Madison is an American studying abroad and joined the dating site on a whim. She is floored when she’s learned she has won this contest. Adam and Jess soon find themselves on the fast track to a St. Valentine’s Day wedding. While on their honeymoon, they are being photographed for the site. Can two complete strangers really fall in love this way? Does Sociality’s algorithm really work to match two people?

I enjoyed Mad Love as it was a comedic and, often, sarcastic look into the claims of dating apps and websites which always seem to guarantee to help you find your one true love. While the humor was sometimes brash and in your face, it exposes the truth behind these algorithms and the complexity in which two people met and maybe fall in love. I recommend Mad Love to those readers who enjoy a comedic story of life, love and everything in between.

Mad Love
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