Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Bone Witch: a fantasy world of magic and monsters

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco is a story in a mystical world where bone witches are feared for they can raise the dead and have very powerful magic. Tea is a young girl who lives with her parents in Knightscross, a small village in the kingdom of Odalia. Her older sisters are respected witches of water and forest. One day, without meaning to, Tea raised her brother, Fox, from his grave. Another bone witch, Mykaela, comes to see Tea and informs her that she needs to leave her home and train with other ashas or witches. When Tea arrives in Ankyo, the capital of the kingdom of Kion and enters The Willows, the home of the most powerful asha, Mistress Parmina, she is thrown in a world of lessons and intense training. During her training, she visits an oracle who tells her she is hovers between being a force of good and a source of evil. She will change the world. Will Tea heed the oracle’s warning? Will she strive to be a force of good? Or will she turn to darkness?

The Bone Witch is an interesting premise and story which certainly opens itself to multiple books. It was a bit slow at points with no real action until about 75% into the book. However, the descriptions of this world draws you in. The reader learns with Tea as she deciphers the oracle’s message. I can't discuss too much of the events as it would give away too much information, If you enjoy fantasy worlds and the realms of magic and adventure, I recommend The Bone Witch.

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