Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Fallen saga: angels, demons and eternal love

The Fallen series by Lauren Kate takes the reader on a fantastical journey of love through time, fallen angels and a coming battle.

Fallen is the first book in the series where the reader meets Lucinda “Luce” Price, a new student at the Sword and Cross boarding school. A school with other misfits who don’t fit anywhere else. She is running from a tragedy at her former school and her own terrifying visions. There she is Daniel Grigori and there is an instant connection she cannot explain. But Daniel makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. No matter how hard she tries, Daniel keeps pushing her away until one day he stops fighting. Why was he running from her? What is he hiding? Does it have anything to do with her visions?

Torment is the second book in the series which picks up right after the events of Fallen. The angels and demons have called an 18 day truce. Daniel needs to find a safe hiding place for Luce as she attracts celestial beings like a beacon. He chooses a school in California, Shoreline where other angels can look after her. At the school, Luce meets other extraordinary teens. These teens are the children of Nephilim, a class of angels. There she learns that she has powerful abilities which both sides want. She learns that the struggles between angels and demons has always been at a stalemate until now. Daniel can tip the scales if he were to choose a side. Will Daniel chose?

Passion is the third book in the series which, again, picks up right after the events of Torment. This time Daniel and the other angels are chasing Luce through time as she travels back to her past lives. Luce is able to see her relationship with Daniel and her ultimate death through the ages. From WWII Russia to Victorian England to Ancient China and beyond. But someone else is chasing Luce too. Someone with a plan that the angels and demons do not want to come to pass. Who is this mysterious person? What does he want with Luce?

Fallen in Love is a side novel which takes place between the events of Passion and Rapture. It contains four short stories featuring the love stories of Shelby and Miles, Luce’s friends from Shoreline, Roland, Daniel’s friend and fellow angel, and Arriane, another angel. As well as a story of Luce and Daniel. Love and heartache through the ages.

Rapture is the fourth and final book in the series. Daniel, Luce and their friends are in a race against time as they need to find three angelic relics in order to thwart evils plans and break the curse which haunts Daniel and Luce’s love. They must battle those who do not want them to succeed. They have 9 days to get the relics and join them together on Mount Sinai before everything they know and everyone they love is wiped out.

I was given the first book by my sister and I was interested in the premise. After I finished Fallen, I looked to find the other novels. And I was disappointed. Fallen was great with an interesting premise and started the series strong. Unfortunately, as the novels progressed, I felt as if the author wasn’t really sure where she wanted to the series to go and put in filler in order to stretch the series to the four novels. As I read, I had a nagged feeling that that series reminded me of something and it hit me the Twilight series. I realized that this series had all the elements that Twilight had that I come to hate by the time I read the last book. If you are a fan of the Twilight series, you may enjoy Lauren Kate’s Fallen series.

The Fallen series is available at all major booksellers
The first book, Fallen, was made into a film released in 2016