Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Idea of You: one woman's journey to a family

The Idea of You by Amanda Prowse is the story of one woman’s journey through miscarriages and coming to terms with the past. When the story opens, Lucy is at the christening of her co-worker’s son. She is reeling from the recent break up from her boyfriend, Richard, and his subsequent engagement to her cousin. While she is there, she meets Jonah Carpenter. Fast forward, she is now married to Jonah and they are expecting a baby. While they are happily planning and dreaming, the unthinkable happens. Lucy is rushed to the hospital where they learn she has miscarried. While Lucy is learning to deal with her miscarriage, her stepdaughter, Camille, is coming to stay with them. Lucy must learn to interact with her teenage stepdaughter as well as come to terms that a baby may not be in her future. When Camille reveals a life changing secret, Lucy must confront a past she has hidden from everyone including Jonah. Will Lucy be able to move forward? Will Jonah forgive her for hidden this secret? Will she ever have the family she’s dreamed of?

I loved The Idea of You! As a woman who has suffered multiple miscarriages, I could relate to Lucy and her desire for a family. The story was filled with drama, twists and turns which leave the reader eager to turn the page to find out what happens. I love the ending and the growth that Lucy displays as she comes to terms with how her life has turned out. It is a story that readers who understand Lucy’s situation would appreciate. Readers who have never experienced miscarriages would be able to get inside the mind of a woman who has and get a glimpse of the heartbreak a miscarriage can bring. I highly recommend The Idea of You.

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