Saturday, July 1, 2017

Where Dragonflies Hover: two love stories and lives connected despite the years

Where Dragonflies Hover by AnneMarie Brear is the story of two women connected through a diary. The story opens in 1945, Alexandria “Allie” Jameson, whose health is fading,  is determined to finish the story of her and Daniel. Allie was a nurse in France during World War I when she meets Captain Daniel “Danny” Hollingsworth as she nursed him back to health after he was wounded in battle. Fast forward to 2010, Alexandria “Lexi” O’Connor is a successful solicitor and married to a successful doctor but something is missing. Hollingsworth House, an old estate, is up for sale and she is determined to have this house despite her husband, Dylan’s, objections. Her desire for the house intensifies when she find Allie’s diary. She buys the house and begins to fix up the house as she continues to read Allie’s diary. She and Dylan split when it seems they want different things in life. When an emergency seems to bring them back together, will they be able to reconnect and rediscover their love for each other? Will Allie and Danny have a happily ever after?

Where Dragonflies Hover is a wonderful story which blends past and present into a heart wrenching love story. One love during a terrible war and another during a war within themselves. I loved that Ms. Brear chose the backdrop of World War I for Allie and Danny’s story. So few books have stories set during the Great War or tell the story of the brave men who fought in the trenches and the women who were in the field hospitals who worked tirelessly to save their lives. I also loved Lexi and Dylan’s story which is such a modern story of trying to find the balance between one’s career and their heart’s desires. I highly recommend Where Dragonflies Hover!

Where Dragonflies Hover

is available in paperback and ebook