Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"If you were me and lived in... Portugal and Russia: new book reviews

Two new books in the “If you were me and you lived in…” series! I’m as excited about these books as I loved the book on Australia.

First, Portugal. The book teaches the reader about Portugal, its location general information about the country and its people. The largest city, Lisbon, the most common names for children and the common foods that Portuguese people eat like bacalhau (salted cod) and pastelis de nata (custard tart with cinnamon). The national symbol of Portugal is discussed. The Rooster of Barcelos is a very important symbol to the Portuguese people much like the American Eagle is to the U.S.

Second, Russia. The formal name is the Russia Federation. It has many different nationalities and ethnic groups and covers 9 different time zones! Its capital city is Moscow where the Red Square is located which is the main marketplace. The author discusses the signature clothes and other important aspects of Russian life and culture. I loved that the author pointed out a game that the children play a game called fipe but is basically hide and seek. It’s great for children to learn that children in other countries play as they do. All children play games and have fun in all counties.

These books are great additions to the “If you were me and lived in…” series. I would highly recommend getting these books and others in the series. 

Both books are available on for $9.99