Thursday, July 3, 2014

Captain No Beard The Crew Goes Coconuts: a great book about the importance of no bullying!

Another adventure in the Captain No Beard series. I haven’t read any other titles in this series but after reading the new book, The Crew Goes Coconut! I am eager to read the rest of the series.

The book opens with Captain No Beard and his crew as they are on an island with no more juice. Each member of the crew begins to blame the new member aboard the Flying Dragon. Matie, the goat, is the scapegoat and the crew begins to make fun of her. This upsets Matie and Captain No Beard must come in and teach the lesson that everyone is different and it is not right to make fun of others’ flaws.

This is a great book about bully, how it can start so simply and barrel out of control. It is a simple story to teach children that bullying is not just fun and teasing. It hurts the person being bullied and it doesn't make you cool or popular. With beautiful illustrations and a great story, children will learn an important lesson. I highly recommend this book!