Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Great new titles in the "If you were me and lived in..." series: Scotland and Hungary

We are visited again by the wonderful series, “If you were me and lived in…” Today, I am reviewing two books featuring the countries: Scotland, a country on my bucket list to visit, and Hungary, a country with an interesting history.

First, Scotland is the northern third of Great Britain and has about 790 islands in the North Sea. The capital is Edinburgh and it is famous for its university of medicine, law, science and engineering. The book covers common names in the country as well as what children might call their mom and dad. We learn that the unicorn is Scotland’s official animal because it represents grace, purity, healing and happiness. Any book about Scotland would not be complete without learning about Loch Ness and its famous monster, Nessie. We also learn about some of the favorite dishes of Scotland, like porridge, tattie scones (potato muffins), cullen shink (a soup with haddock, potatoes, and onions) and of course, haggis. Children will learn about golf and how it was first played in 1457 in Scotland and the famous Highland Games with its traditional dress, events and music.

Second, children can learn about Hungary, a landlocked country in Central Europe. The capital of Budapest is actually three cities separated by the Danube River. Buda and Obud on the west bank and Pest on the east bank. Children learn about places to visit in Hungary like The Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe and the Caves of Aggtelek filled with stalagmites, Readers will also learn about the famous dishes of Hungary such as goulash and menygyleves. Saint Stephen is celebrated in Hungarian as a hero as he was the first king of Hungary, crowned in 1001, he united the people. Children will learn that the famous Rubik’s Cube was invented in Hungary by Professor Erno Rubik in 1974.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. These books are great educational tools for any children’s library. It presents the information in a way that engages the children without giving any information that they wouldn’t be interested in. I highly recommend all the titles in the “If you were me and lived in…” series.

If you were me and lived in Scotland
If you were me and lived in Hungary

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