Monday, February 2, 2015

A great new children's book about love and acceptance

T-Bone’s Traveling Circus by Janice Virant is a story of overcoming bullying and celebrating our differences. Rita Bonita is a young horse who was very different from the other horse. She was teased and laughed at. One day she saw a covered wagon traveling very slow. Rita Bonita is invited by Tiny the Tortoise to join T-Bone’s traveling circus and stay for a while. She also meets Scorch the dragon, who explains that they are a band of misfits who are always the butt of jokes. Inside the wagon was different animals who were different than other animals in some way. Rita Bonita joins the group to learn to embrace her one-of-a-kind uniqueness.

T-Bone’s Traveling Circus is a great story that celebrates our differences and teaches to stand up to bullying. Through love and acceptance, bullying can end. The illustrations are brightly colored and beautiful. When the book arrived in the mail, my three old daughter immediately wanted me to read it to her and she enjoyed the story immensely. Young children will love the band of misfit characters with their differences. This story is a great way for parents to introduce treated everyone with love, kindness and acceptance. I highly recommend this book to families with young children.

T-Bone’s Traveling Circus is available on Amazon and Outskirts Press
in paperback for $11.95 and hardback $17.95