Sunday, February 22, 2015

When I grow up I want to be..a Nurse! A great story to introduce a great career

Wigu Publishing has a new title for the When I grow up I want to be… series. In this story, a young girl named Amber explores the different jobs of a nurse.

Amber has an accident during a soccer game. The school nurse tells her mom that Amber needs to go the emergency room. When Amber arrives she is scared about what is happening and George, the ER nurse, helps to calm her fears. The book introduces the history of nursing and Florence Nightingale. It also introduces what jobs nurses can do like take a patient’s vitals and the different surgical nurses involved in a surgery. There is also a section on how to overcome your fears and how X-rays work. With the help of X-rays, the doctor learns that Amber has a broken arm and it must be put in a cast. In no time, Amber is healed and back on the soccer field.

I enjoy any book which introduces the different types of jobs that are available to them when they grow up. This book introduced the different ins and outs of working as a nurse in the medical field. I highly recommend this book for any school library or family collection as a way to expose children to different careers as well as familiarize them with the different people they could come in contact with.The publisher has also announced that current and new titles will be available in Spanish. 

When I grow up I want to be…a Nurse
Is available on Amazon

In paperback for $12.95 or on the Kindle for $2.99

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