Monday, June 15, 2015

Captain Hawk: a high seas adventure in a far off land

Captain Hawk by SJ Garland is a high seas adventure in the Far East. The story of Nathaniel Hawk who comes to Singapore in 1823 at the request of his estranged father. He walked away from the sailing life, vowing never to be the man his father wants him to be. When he arrives, he receives devastating news. Will he answer the call of the seas or will he take on the mantle that his father raised him to be?

Nathaniel Hawk arrives in Singapore for the Christmas holiday and his father has left on a secret mission for the East India Company. There is a ghost ship haunting the seas, sinking ships and leaving no witnesses. He soon is brought into the tensions between the British and Dutch sailors as the two countries are currently in peace talks over trade in the East Indies. An enemy of his father’s, a Dutch captain named Collaart, has turned his animosity to Nathaniel and vows revenge. He meets Charlotte Carstairs, a woman born too soon. A brain for business, she is the wrong gender for 1823 trade but her father trusts her instincts as she tries to save the family name from ruin. Is there a curse following the Hawk and his friends? Will they ever find the ghost ship?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved the mystery of the ghost ship and the mysterious crew. I loved the tension with Nathaniel and Captain Collaart as Nathaniel is desperately trying not to be pulled into his father’s world. I love the interactions between Nathaniel and Charlotte and low and slow burning romance between them. I can’t wait for the sequel which is set to be released in November. It’s already on my want-to-read list. I highly recommend Captain Hawk.

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