Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Shoo, Fly! You Can't Eat Here: a fun, entertaining book introducing healthy eating options

Shoo, Fly! You Can’t Eat Here by Liller Hamilton is a story of how a common housefly becomes an unwelcome guest at a school lunch table. Each children with a healthy item for their lunch, shoos the fly away until the fly gives up and leaves. The book offers the opportunity for discussion with children about healthy eating habits.

When the book arrived, my 3 year old daughter immediately wanted me to read it to her. As she knows how annoying and pesky flies can be, she laughed and imitated the children as they shooed the fly from their delicious food. Reading along and seeing the different healthy options, my daughter would put out the ones she loved (which was all of them). I recommend Shoo, Fly! You Can’t Eat Here for any family’s library or classroom library was another tool to introduce to children healthy food options.

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