Sunday, November 22, 2015

Figuring it out with Grace: a story of the search for true love

Figuring it Out with Grace by JD Tynan is the long search for true love. The story features Grace Gibbs, a psychology professor who is searching for her soul mate and goes through a series of men. Until one day she has had enough and searches for the one who got away.

Grace is 35 and single again. The story flashbacks and forth as the reader is introduced to Jared Moore, Grace’s childhood best friend and the one who got away. Grace takes the reader through growing up with her parents’ divorce, her mom’s revolving door romances and sexual awareness of Jared Moore. As she reminisces, she realizes what is wrong in her life and moves forward to change. Will she be able to find Jared? Will he forgive her? Will she ever find happiness with a family of her own?

I enjoyed Figuring it out with Grace. In many ways, I could related with Grace with her family history and trying to overcome the family cycles which has plagued her life. I enjoyed seeing her happy and laughed with her as all her dreams come true. I loved the building tension between Grace and Jared as they both fight against what they need to do and what they want to do. I really enjoyed Jared’s character. I also enjoyed Grace’s discovery that everything looks perfect from the outside but once you get a glimpse inside, you can see that everything is far from perfect. Figuring it out with Grace is a great story about one woman’s journey to find her soul mate.

Figuring it out with Grace
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