Sunday, July 31, 2016

Judges and Ruth: lessons in leadership, trust, and loyalty

Today, I’m going to cover two books of the Bible: Judges and Ruth. Maybe people may think that the Bible is filled with stories of men and how women are lesser than them. However, within these two books are three stories of women. Two of these women are examples of courage and loyalty. While another woman is an example of what happens when greed blinds you. These women are: Deborah, Delilah and Ruth.

Deborah was the fourth and only female of the pre-monarchical Israel. Her story is told in Judges 4-5. She was a prophetess of God and the wife of Lapidoth. Many Israelites came to her for counsel. After 20 years of oppression by King Jabin and his commander, Sisera, the Israelites called out to God for help. He speaks to Deborah who sends for Barak, son of Abinoam. She tell him that God commands him to take 10,000 men and lead the way to Mount Tabor. At Mount Tabor, the Lord would deliver Sisera into his hands. But, Barak is reluctant to do so without Deborah. Deborah agrees but says the victory will belong to a woman. The battle goes as the Lord says and Deborah successfully counterattacked the forces of King Jabin and Sisera. She would rule Israel peacefully for 40 years. What lesson can be learn from Deborah’s example? Wise leaders choose good helpers. Deborah was a good strategist and in Barak, she had a commander who could carry it out. Therefore, a wise person would know when to ask for help.

Delilah is a famous person from the Bible whose story is told in Judges 16. Everyone seems to know the story of Samson and Delilah. She was a woman from the Valley of Sorek and Samson fell deeply in love with her. Samson consistently bested the Philistines and they were looking for a way to finally defeat him. They approach Delilah and ask her to discover the secret to Samson’s strength. She asks Samson twice and each time he tells her a lie about the source of his strength. Delilah asks for a third and final time and he tells her the truth. It’s his hair and while he was asleep, she cut his long locks off. When the Philistines came to overpower him, he did not have the strength to fight them off. What lesson can be learn from Delilah’s story?  She was persistent when faced with obstacles but she valued money more than relationships. She betrayed a man who trusted her, leading to his capture and eventual death. Therefore, we must be careful who we place out trust.

Ruth has a book entirely to her story. As a widower of Naomi’s son, she had the chance to return to her family as Naomi was going to return home to Judah. But she decided to stay with Naomi. When they reach Judah, Ruth begins to pick from the fields of Boaz and catches his eye. It turns out Boaz is one of the kinsmen-redeemers. A kinsmen redeemer is a relative who volunteers to take responsibility for the extended. The law states in Deuteronomy 25-5-10, a widow can marry her late husband’s brother but since both Naomi’s son were died, the nearest relative could marry the widow. Boaz takes this responsibility and marries Ruth. Ruth soon gives birth to a son named Obed, who is the grandfather of the future king of Israel, David. What lesson can be learn from Ruth’s story? When God is at the center of a relationship, differences can be overcome leading to peace, love and harmony.

In conclusion, women play important role in the Bible for good and for bad. Deborah, Delilah and Ruth are just a few examples of how God uses women for His purpose. Deborah is an example of how God choices leaders by His standards, not ours and that wise leaders seek help. Delilah is an example of how greed and misplaced trust can be catastrophic and Ruth is an example of how love and loyalty can change your life forever when you trust God to be a part of your relationship. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

About the Night: a love torn apart by political lines

About the Night by Anat Taslshir, translated by Evan Fallenberg, is a Romeo and Juliet type of love story where two lovers are torn apart by family, religion and war. The story opens in 2006 as Elias Riani is in the hospital. He is visited by a young woman, Nomi. The story flashbacks to 1947 where Elias meets the beautiful Lila. Despite the rising tensions in their country, the two fall in love and eventually secretly marry. Their life together is torn apart on November 29, 1947 when the General Assembly of the UN had divvied the country into two. One half becomes the country of Israel and the other the country of Palestine. Lila is now trapped in the country of Israel as she is Jewish and Elias is in Palestine as he is Arab. As tension continue to rise between the Jews and the Arabs, suspicions about Elias and Lila’s relationship begin to arise and soon the two are torn apart by politics and age-old prejudices. Will the Elias and Lila ever have a life together? Or will they forever be keep apart?

About the Night is a beautiful love story about two people torn about by politics and prejudices. The descriptions by Ms. Taslshir are beautifully written, almost like poetry, that you can feel yourself there with Lila as she hides during bombings or with Elias as he waits for death. My favorite quote is from a minor character but carries such power. Munir says “Nobody can bring peace here…It has to come from this place, from the people.” This is so true as peace in the Middle East must come from within the hearts and minds of the people, not from foreign dignitaries or war. I highly recommend About the Night!

About the Night
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Monday, July 25, 2016

Daughters of the Dragon: forgotten and silenced for too long

Daughters of the Dragon by William Andrews is a story about a part of history I have never heard. It is a heart wrenching story about one woman’s survival during a time when the world was in turmoil. The story opens with Anna, a Korean woman who was adopted by an American couple as a baby who is now trying to meet her birth mother. At the agency, Anna is told her mother has passed away. As she leaves the agency, heartbroken, she is approached by an elderly woman with a note and package. The note reads with an address and inside is a beautiful comb with a two-headed dragon. Against the advice of those around her, Anna decides to go to the address. There she meets, Hong Jae-kee, her birth grandmother and she wants to tell Anna the story of her family. There her grandmother begins to tell her story. She begins in September 1943 in North P’yonygan Province, North Korea where she lived on the family farm. Jae-kee and her older sister, Soo-hee, are ordered to work in a boot factory. Before they leave, their mother gives Soo-hee the dragon comb, in hopes that it will protect her. Along the way, Soo-hee gives the comb Jae-kee. The girls are shipped by truck with other girls to China where they arrive at a comfort station. There the girls are required to be “comfort women” to the Japanese soldiers as they come through the area. For two years, Jae-kee and the other girls are raped by the soldiers and treated for horrible sexually diseases as well as quick abortions. Soon rumor begins to fly that the Japanese are losing the war. Soon Jae-kee finds herself free but without a home and without family. As she makes her way home, she must live with the stigma of a comfort woman and finds herself on the edge of society. How does Jae-kee survive? What is the significance of the dragon comb?

In many ways, Daughters of the Dragon reminds me of The Joy Luck Club as both feature strong women who survive horrific conditions of war and societal rules which make them inferior. It was eye-opening to see the events portrayed in Korea as the world is at war and what the Korean War was like for those who lived there. It is a beautiful and heartbreaking story of one woman’s journey. Jae-kee’s story is an example of a hidden piece of history which shouldn’t be hidden anymore. The numbers vary as to how many young girls who forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army. The atrocities of war, the innocent lives shattered by the powerful. But the strength of these woman to make their voices heard and the crimes committed against them be brought to light. Daughters of the Dragon is an excellent book about an area of history that has been forgotten and silenced for too long. I highly recommend Daughters of the Dragon!

Daughters of the Dragon
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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Gramma Darling: memories of grandma

Gramma Darling by Lissa Schroeder is a beautiful story of nostalgia about grandmas. As seen through the eyes of a child, the memories that are created with gramma are treasured. The book is also beautifully illustrated by Doron Ben-Ami which brings the images to life with stunning realism. The adventures at Gramma’s house. The discovery as children exploring the rooms, finding treasures Time in the garden with the flowers and vegetables. Children helping pulling weeds and pull the wrong plants, opps! Watching the birds and wildlife around her house. And most importantly Gramma’s cooking and baking!

Gramma Darling is filled with the author’s memories of her own gramma. Reading her memories, reminded me of my own memories of my grandma and the adventures I had at her house. At the end of the book, the author included Gramma Darling’s Chocolaty Cherry Cake, which I will definitely try! I recommend Gramma Darling for its nostalgic feel and memories of wonderful grandmas.

Gramma Darling
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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Small Great Things: a story about modern racism and prejudice

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult is dramatic and thought provoking story about racism and how we interact with each other as members of different races. The story is told from the perspectives of a dedicated labor and delivery nurse, a White Supremacist man, and a lawyer who tries to defend her client. The story opens with Ruth, who decided to become a labor and deliver nurse after watching her mother deliver her employer’s son after she went in to labor. She is raising her son, Edison, 17, after her husband was killed in Afghanistan. Ruth comes on her shift as just another day and she is assigned to a new mother, Brittany Bauer and her new son. As she goes about her job, checking the baby, talking with the parents, she doesn’t notice that the father, Turk, is getting really tense. Soon, he has had a enough and demands to talk with Ruth’s supervisor. Turk Bauer was Ruth removed from the care of his wife and son. Why? Ruth is black. Ruth is reassigned and never sees baby Bauer again. Until one fate day when she is left alone in the nursery with the baby while another nurse sees to an emergency. Ruth notices something is wrong with baby Bauer but she hesitates. She isn’t supposed to touch this baby. After a code is called and a team works on the baby, the baby is pronounced dead. Her decision wither or not help the baby will lead to the fight for her freedom and her life. Enter Kennedy, a lawyer with the public defender’s office, who decides to take Ruth’s case. Can Kennedy disprove that Ruth’s inaction or actions caused the death of the baby? Will Ruth ever get her life back and the job she loves?

I have been a fan of Jodi Picoult’s books since I was introduced to The Storyteller. All her books cover issues and events which have no clear cut solution or resolution. And Small Great Things is no different. I was offered a pre-release copy of this book, I jumped at the chance. I chose this story in particular because it is a black nurse up against the hatred of a white supremacist. As I read this story, I was reminded of the nurse who took care of me when I had my four year old daughter. Yes, she was black and she was the sweetest person in the world. She sat and talked with me as we waited. She encouraged me as I was in active labor and she brought my new miracle in my arms. My only regret is that I do not remember her name but her kindness to me is engraved in my memory. As I read, I burned with anger at the actions and words of the white supremacist. In true Jodi Picoult fashion, Small Great Things will challenge your own thoughts on prejudice and racism and may even make you face your own that you may not even know that you had. I highly, highly recommend Small Great Things.

Small Great Things
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Still Marching On: a young woman's fight for social justice

Still Marching On by Lynda Stephenson is the story of a young college girl at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. She must fight against the injustice of the Jim Crow laws and as well as social practices which could keep her from following her dreams.

Frankilee Baxter is a young white college student at Athena College where her roommate, Eleanor, is African American. Together, they join the Civil Rights Movement when racial tensions are very explosive. Frankilee is the type of girl who likes to shock people and study their reactions. She begins to conduct social experiments and writing about her experiences. She is able to sell a few of her stories to the New York Times. She joins sit-ins at a local department store who refused to serve African Americans. She joins Freedom Rides which leads to time in jail. While she fights for social change, she must deal with the everyday issues at home. Her mom is sick. Her dad is having trouble with the bank. Her aunt is trying to bully everyone to follow her plan for the grandfather’s ranch land. And she falls in love with Calvin Morris, a law student who seeks the social change she does. Will Frankilee succeed in her dreams of journalism? Will she be able to forge the social change she seeks to see in the world? Will her dream of marrying Calvin come true?

I enjoyed Still Marching On. It is an interesting book with a passionate retelling of the Civil Rights Movement from a participant who seems so unlikely. The details the author put into the events are graphic but very real. You shiver as you know that person suffered injustices and cruelties as they fought for civil rights. Frankilee is passionate, rash, impulsive and ready to take on the social injustices. The debates between Frankilee and those on the other side and the opinions expressed are dealt with realistically. I highly recommend Still Marching On.

Still Marching On
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gridley Girls: a coming of age story

Gridley Girls by Meredith First is a semi-autobiographical story of a young girl’s entrance into adulthood as she begins her freshman year of high school in the small town of Gridley, California. The drama, the bully, the romance and the finding yourself among the sea of people is the center of this coming of age story.

The story is told between the past (summer 1978 to the summer 1979) and the present (2008). The story opens with a prologue Meg as she discusses her friends. Friends since preschool, they grew up together, did everything together, until the beginning of high school when the social pressures threaten to split them apart. In 2008, Meg’s friend, Anne Marie is getting married and is experiencing pre-wedding jitters as Meg is experience a potential life changing decision which will take her family from everything they know. Anne Marie is searching fixated on the events year of their freshmen year. As the story switches between past and present, clues are given to what is triggering the nostalgic walk down memory lane.

Gridley Girls is a great story of nostalgia to the author’s hometown and her lifelong friends. It is heartwarming and may bring memories of your childhood coming of age time. The story is reminiscent of Now and Then, My Girl and other great stories about the time in your life when you leave childhood behind and face adulthood head on. Heavy topics of abortion, sex, sexual orientation, alcoholism and other topics all teenagers face are presented. These topics are discussed with realism and sincerity. I highly recommend Gridley Girls.

Gridley Girls
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Somebody else's business: a story of assumptions leading to disaster

Somebody else’s business by Charlton James is a story of assumptions, wrong assumptions which tears apart so many lives as the assumption and rumor flows from person to person. John Willoughby is unexpectedly deployed to Afghanistan, leaving his fiancĂ©e, Tiffany Adams behind. After months of deployment, Tiffany receives a very loving letter from John which makes her day until she suddenly loses it. Cue, Kelly who finds the letter while walking her dog. She brings it home with every intention to return it to the address on the envelope. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she reads it. Cue her husband, Paul, who walks in on her in a very romance scene, reading a letter which he did not send her. It sends him on a spiral out of control. And the chain events begins as the letter begins to affect everyone who comes in contact with it and not for good. Will the truth come out? Will Tiffany receive her letter back?

Unfortunately, I could not finish Someone else’s business. The story started out great but eventually it spiraled out of control. I didn’t like the language that was used. I couldn’t follow the chain of events, how people were connected to the previous person who had the letter. Although I didn’t finish it and it wasn’t the book for me, I can see where it would appeal to other readers. I’m recommending Someone else’s business as a story of false assumptions which ruin lives as one does not stop and ask what is really going on.

Someone else’s business
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Great books for any family or school library

Today, I have two children’s books to discuss. First a story about courage and faith and another about friendship.

Stories of Courage and Faith by Isabella Augustus presented two biblical stories which demonstrate courage and faith in the face of danger and uncertainty. First, The Courageous Three is the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from the book of Daniel. These men stood up to King Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian king, where they refused to worship the gold statue of the king. As punishment the men were thrown in to a furnace. And when the men came out, they did not have a single mark on them. As they were saved by God for their courage and faith. The second story is David, the Shepherd Boy. As David was the only Israelite brave enough to fight Goliath, the giant of the Philistines. He would defeat him with a single stone and a slingshot. This book is a great way to introduce children to Biblical heroes. I recommend it for any school or family library. 

The Bunny and the Mysterious Butterfly by Carmel Rivello, illustrated by Toby Mikle is a story of Bella, the bunny. She lived in Farmer Sam’s garden. She loved her life but she was lonely. Then a magnificent butterfly came to her. Flutter came to bring her love, joy and friendship. Soon Bella has many friendship among the birds, bees, ladybugs and fairies. I enjoyed this book about friendship and how friends can open our world to so many beautiful things, including more friendships. I recommend this book for any school or family library. 

Stories of Courage and Faith
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The Bunny and the Mysterious Butterfly
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Monday, July 11, 2016

Great new additions to the If you were me and lived in... series

Carol P. Roman has taken her If you were in me and lived in… back in time! Four new book which introduce children to life in four very important periods in world history.

First, Elizabethan England. Children are taken back in time to 1578 and the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The golden age of art and literature. The time of William Shakespeare. Readers are introduced to the different trades people would perform in their villages as well as the different types of houses that people lived in. Foods, entertainment and other important aspects of life in the era. At the end of the book, a glossary of terms as well as a list of very important people of the Elizabethan era are presented.

Second, Ancient Greece. Children are taken back in time thousands of years ago to the birthplace of democracy. Ancient Greeks were identified by the city-state they lived in such as Athens, Sparta and Corinth. Greek mythology is discussed and how the stories played an important role in the Greeks everyday lives. The philosophers are discussed such as Plato and Socrates. The literature of the time: The Iliad and The Odyssey.

Third, Colonial American. Travel back in time again to 1620 and the establishment of a colony in the new world. Readers are introduced to who the colonists were, why they came to the new world and how they got here. Once here, the readers learn about the harsh conditions and basics of life. At the end of the book, notable names such as William Penn, John Smith and many others are listed.

Lastly, Renaissance Italy. Children are taken back in time to 1483 Florence, Italy and the birthplace of the Renaissance. The Renaissance is a reawakening of creativity after the darkness of the Middle Ages. The art, the literature, and entertainment. Children are introduced to the life children would have lived with education and entertainment.

I loved these new additions to the If you were me and lived in… series. Each book is an excellent introduction to different time periods in our history and what life was like then. I highly recommend these books for any school or family library!

These titles are available on Amazon
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Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob series: lessons for problem solving, pursuing dreams and taking care of our oceans

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob by Brooks Olbrys is a series of books which educates children about the ocean, its creatures, its problems and how people can help. It also introduces children to problem solving and encouragement when in doubt. The lessons of the series is to “Think it, See it, Believe it, and Achieve it.” A Journey Begins is book 1 of the series as Bob is introduced. He lives on an island and dreams of something more. Xena, a hummingbird, is his guardian. Bob goes on a quest where he meets Al, a dolphin. Doc, a sea turtle. Earl, a clam and he realizes that he wants to study marine biology. He meets with Mary Marine who works as the pier. There she gives him jobs to do as he begins his studies.

A Challenging Job is book 2 as Bob is given the task to clean up the garbage in the ocean. He meets Beck, a pelican, and Cathy, a crab, who help him with his tasks. As a storm is approaching, Bob must help the island prepare. The main theme is to look for a solution despite the odds and one’s doubts.

Into the Lead is book 3 as Bob is put in charge as Mary must leave the island. There’s been a earthquake and an oil spill has occurred. Andy, the Great White, is stuck on the beach. Bob must find a solution to help Andy back into the ocean. With the help of all the sea creatures he’s met, Bob is able to get Andy back where he belongs.

I thoroughly enjoyed this series as I loved the lessons of hard work, finding solutions against the odds, and asking for help when it is needed. The author created the series when he was inspired by his young son. He founded Children’s Success Unlimited. The series is beautifully illustrated by Kevin Keele and has won numerous book awards. I highly recommend The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob for any school and family libraries with its lessons of courage, creativity, decision, action and leadership.

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob books
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Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Renegade Queen: a woman before her time

The Renegade Queen by Eva Flynn is an interesting book to read now with the anticipated nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democrat candidate for president. The story is about the first woman to run for president, Victoria Woodhull. An interesting woman who run at a time when she couldn’t even vote.

The story opens in 1838 as she tells the story of her beginnings. Her parents, Buck and Anna Claflin, named her Victoria as Queen Victoria who was in the first year of her reign. One day when Victoria was at school, she claimed she could see the individuals who died from the yellow fever outbreak which can occurred earlier. Her father is thrilled and seeks to “train” her as a medium. The family travels with a fair, selling Victoria’s “visions” to anyone who sought to speak to a departed loved one. There she meets Dr. Canning Woodhull and her life takes another turn. She marries at 15 and is soon presented with a life which will be harsh and unfair. After the horrors of the Civil War and the country in turmoil, Victoria takes charge of her life and decides enough is enough. As she seeks to better her life and the lives of all women, she meets the important figures of the time: Commodore Vanderbilt, Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton just to name a few.

Victoria Woodhull was an interesting woman, definitely out of her time. She advocated ideas that shocked her era but would most likely be accepted today. She was a pioneer in so many ways. Mrs. Woodhull was too radical for her time and a little too radical for me. But I admire her passion and drive to right the wrongs she saw in her world. I recommend The Renegade Queen. As an important figure in history who has been erased until now. Her story deserves to be told.

The Renegade Queen
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

More Heaven: a story of one woman's desire to educate all children

More Heaven by Jo Anne White, Ph.D is based on a true life experiment in the Philadelphia school system in the late 1970s. In response to the 1975 Education for the Handicapped Act, public schools were to educate all children despite the severity of their disability. As everyone was nervous and skeptical that the program would work, Dr. White was hired as the sole teacher and program coordinator. This is her story.

The story opens with Eva in March. The sole student, Eva was exhibiting autistic behavior. With each day, Miss Tina, the teacher, is able to draw Eva out and she begins to blossom. Slowly more children are added in the new school year: Patty, Ricardo, Martin, Beverly and Warren. As well as a teacher’s aide, Kaye. Together, the teachers and students begin to learn the basics of life and education. Math, writing, field trips to stores and the zoo. Each student has their achievements and their setbacks but their push forward. Each student leaves an impression on the heart of their dedicated teacher.

More Heaven is a great, inspiration story of one teacher’s dedication and determination to see children with disabilities get an education that was previously denied. To see her students blossom and excel is proof that anyone can learn if just given the chance. It is a special teacher’s heart to be a special education teacher. I can great respect for those who teach these children and try to give them the tools to have the most meaningful life as possible. I highly recommend More Heaven.

More Heaven
is available in paperback for $12.95

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fractured Karma: a story of a young man who may be in too deep

Fractured Karma by Nancy Straight is the story of one young man who had lived in foster homes and group homes for most of his life. After running away at the age of 15, he’s lived on the streets, committing petty crimes to stay alive until one day when he gets caught. Mark Brewer tried to steal a Ferrari. The cop who pulls him over was a former roommate at the group home. He decides to cut Mark a deal. He’ll let him pass for the grand theft, if he can turn informant against Johnny Corozzo, the local crime boss who has hands in many different ventures. Mark reluctant agrees and he works his way up through the ranks of Johnny’s crew. Until one day, he is within the inner circle. As he feeds information to the cops, Mark learns a surprising news. Could it be true? Or is it a plot to take him out of Johnny’s crew? Will he be able to leave the crew alive?

Fractured Karma is a great book. It was thrilling and mysterious as the reader follows Mark on his dangerous double life. You eagerly turn the page, reading furiously, always wondering if Mark will get caught. As you read, you feel for Mark as he tries to figure out the information which will turn his life around. Will he find the truth about his past? About his family? I can’t say much about the book as it would spoil the sequence of events. I can say that I eagerly await more stories about Mark Brewer. I highly recommend Fractured Karma.

Fractured Karma
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Friday, July 1, 2016

The Jolly Coroner: a quirky story about a small town coroner

The Jolly Coroner by Quentin Canterel is a quirky story about a Texas town. Billy Rufino is the town’s coroner and he encounters many interesting and unique people while on the job.

Billy was the only applicant for the job of Hokum, Texas coroner. He has interesting cases which baffles the mind. Basyli Jach is a man who has been declared died but is still very much alive. He lives in a state of limbo as he cannot prove who is he and needs Billy’s help to straightened out the snafu. Riley is a man who believes his wife and daughters are dead and wants Billy to release their bodies for burial. However, he doesn’t believe Billy when he tell him that his family survives. A woman enters his life as he rescues her from near drowning. Soon the situations with Jach and Riley come to a boiling point. What can Billy do? Who is this woman who has entered his life? And how does a story, “The Ballad of Jean and Reg,” play into the crazy town of Hokum?

The Jolly Coroner is an interesting and quirky story filled with fantastical characters and wild images. The book was a little hard to get into with jumps into side stories and social commentaries and philosophical lectures from a character called the Warden. However, once the story started rolling and the reader begins to see the links between the side stories and philosophical ideas. The Jolly Coroner isn’t light reading. It’s reading which will take some thought and time as you digest all the events. If you are a fan of quirky, satirical and strange stories, you will enjoy The Jolly Coroner.

The Jolly Coroner
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