Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Morgan James Kids books: great lessons for children through imagination

A great new set of children’s books by author Nancy Guettier. These books introduce lessons for children in a fun and imaginative way.

First, Mermaids on Mars is the story of mermaids who wasted water on their home planet of Mars. They used the water from everything until the planet ran dry. Desperately needing water, the mermaids come to Earth where they conserve water as the precious resource that it is. The end of the book gives the five rules of water conservation which includes not running the water while brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers.

Second, Circus in the Sky is t a wonderful lesson of the constellations in our night sky. The story is told through the imagination of a young boy named Julian as he dreams in he is the ringleader of a circus in the sky. As the tent floats among the stars the various famous constellations are introduced. Constellations like Orion the Mighty Hunter, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor and the seven sisters.

Third, I Wish is the story of two young girls who find a magical wand and as wishes are made, they realize what is more important Arianna makes wishes that she would be a bird or a fish or even a cat. With each wish, Genevieve points out that if all these wishes come true, she would miss out on spending time with her friend. It is a great lesson about being yourself and the joys of spending time with your best friend.

Fourth, Jude’s Moon is the story of Jude and imagination that the moon is his very own balloon. He receives a lesson in the moon’s phases as he discovers that the moon looks like a banana and not a round ball. The story then explains why the moon like it does from the first quarter moon through the cycle of phases. Jude loves the moon and its light: his very own flashlight.

Lastly, ROY G BIV is made at me because I love pink! is a story about Genevieve who loves pink and one day after it rains, she meets a rainbow who introduces her to the colors of the rainbow. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet are remembered by the acronym of ROY G BIV. It is a story about the primary and secondary colors which make up all the colors of our life.  

Each book is beautifully illustrated by various artists and written in a manner that children will enjoy and understand the important lesson of the book. I loved how the books are told from the imagination of a child and teaches lesson about our life, planet and universe. I highly recommend these titles for any family and classroom libraries.

These titles are available on Amazon
in paperback for $9.95
n hardback for $19.95 and on the Kindle for $9.45