Thursday, February 4, 2016

Being a Captain is Hard Work: a lesson in listening to others

Another adventure of Captain No Beard is here. Being a Captain is Hard Work is a lesson in listening and to learn from the expertise of those around you. The day started out good on the Flying Dragon. Captain No Beard tells the crew to set sail. But Mongo warns that the seas look rough. Captain No Beard ignores his advice and sails on. With each direction, Captain No Beard is offered other options and suggestions. He ignores their suggestions and gets angry when everyone starts questioning his orders. Soon the ship is in very rough seas and it becomes very dangerous for the crew. Soon Zach is in danger! Will Captain No Beard be able to rescue him before its too late? Will the captain realize that even a good captain needs help sometimes?

I love the Captain No Beard series and this book is a great addition. The key lesson in the story is that no one knows everything and friends are a good source to get the information we do not know. I also loved that at the end of the story a glossary of the different types of clouds and what they indicate in the weather. Being a Captain is Hard Work is a great addition to any library for the great lessons and fun adventures.

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