Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tucson Knights: another adventure in the Wild West

Justice P. Stone is back in Tucson Knights by Robert C. Mowry. A new mission, same enemy and the same high stakes. It has been two years after the events of Adobe Gold.

President Lincoln calls Stone to Washington DC with a new assignment. An assignment which would take him back to the Arizona and New Mexico territories with special appointments. At the same time, his son, Buck, is eagerly to muster out of the Confederate Army as he no longer believes in the fight they are fighting. He may be able to walk away from the Army but many will try to pull him back in. A plot by the Knights of the Golden Circle to rid the territory of the Union presence is at the center of the events. Will Stone be able to get to Tucson in time to stop the plot? Will Buck be able to rid himself of the Confederate Army?

I enjoyed Tucson Knights as much as Abode Gold. The events are exciting and fast paced. I eagerly turned the pages to finish the fight, to see who won each round and to discover if Stone will be able to complete his mission and foil the plot of the Knights. I highly recommend Tucson Knights as well as Adobe Gold for the readers who enjoy mysteries and suspense set in the Wild West territories.

Tucson Knights
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