Monday, May 2, 2016

Two great new books for children

Today I have two children’s books to review. Both educational and fun for the kids. I highly recommend these two books as great additions to a child’s reading list

First, If you were me and lived in…Egypt by Carol P. Roman is a new addition to the exciting series. This book takes the reader through the land of Egypt and introduces life as a resident. The book teaches about the geography, history and the cultural aspects of the country. The children are introduced to the pyramids, the food: falafels, popular games and national holidays and festivals. I have review these books before and I have loved every single one. Every book in this series, including Egypt, needs to be a part of a family’s or a school’s library. This book will help open other countries to the reader and inspire more reader about Egypt and other wonderful countries.

Second, Cave Kiddos: A Sunny Day by Eric Jay Cash is a book about four Paleolithic children who share the experience of developing and learning important words and concepts. The readers join Alk, Haha, Lala, and See as they discover the world around them. In this book, the word, water, is water. It’s a simple story which helps children flow the development and pronunciation of the word water. The author writes a note to the reader to read in a caveman voice as the characters are doing. While I don’t do voices when I read to my daughter, I’m sure there are parents who could have fun with that aspect.

If you were me and lived in...Egypt
is available on Amazon
in paperback for $10.99
or free on Kindle Unlimited

Cave Kiddos A Sunny Day
is available on Amazon
in paperback for $9.99
and on Kindle Unlimited for $1.99