Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Finding Libbie: you never really forget your first love

Finding Libbie by Deanna Lynn Sletten is the story of one woman’s discovery that her father was married before her mom. Through her grandmother’s tale, Emily Prentice learns the heartbreaking story of her father, Jack, and his high school sweetheart, Libbie. Elizabeth “Libbie” Wilkens is the daughter of the wealthy Wilkens family. They own half of the town of Jamison, Minnesota. Jack Prentice is the son of a farmer who works part time at his uncle’s gas station and dreams of owning his own mechanic shop. The two fall in love, despite her mother’s objections, and get married after high school. While their life together starts out idyllic, it soon sours as Libbie begins to experience wild mood swings and Jack is pushed from her life. Emily is heartbroken to hear about her father and Libbie. She’s determined to find out what happened to Libbie. Is Libbie still alive? Will Emily find her? Will her father want to revisit that painful part of his past?

Finding Love is a beautiful love story in which love wasn’t enough to keep Jack and Libbie together. Through social stigma, family reputations and misunderstanding of what was happened to Libbie, their life together is torn apart. Without giving too much away, I was angry about how Libbie was treated in her family. I was disgusted how some people looked down on Jack and his dreams. I cried at the end. I highly recommend Finding Libbie. You’ll relish in the love story and the hopes that true love will find each other again.

Finding Libbie
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