Friday, November 11, 2016

Life After Coffee: a story of one woman's struggles with life and family

Life After Coffee by Virginia Franken is the story of one woman’s journey from globetrotting coffee hunter to homebound mom. The story opens with Amy O’Hara late for her flight as she heads out for a six week work trip. She is a coffee buyer for a local coffee grindhouse, Mateo’s. She is also leaving on the day of her son’s birthday party. But on the way to the airport, she gets called back by her boss to inform her that she has been laid off as Mateo’s has been bought out. Amy goes home to the birthday party where the other parents there don’t realize who she is. When she informs her husband, Peter, about her job, he jumps at the chance to go back to work and have Amy stay at home. Peter dreams of selling a screenplay and dives into it, leaving Amy to her own devices. She and Peter begin to argue about who should be working and who should stay at home. Will Amy find her way in her new role as stay at home mom? Will she be able to get back to work? Will Peter sell his screenplay?

Unfortunately, I did not finish Life After Coffee to answer these questions. Amy is an out-of-touch mother who irritated me. I got through seven chapters before I couldn’t take anymore. I couldn’t stand the cussing. I understood why Amy was trying to be realistic about her husband’s dream of selling his screenplay; however, there are better ways to be realistic without deflating the person himself. As a woman who dreamt of being a mother and has struggled to have children, I couldn’t relate to Amy. Amy was a mother by birth only and not in action. Maybe she is able to find her motherly spirit but I found myself not caring to find out. I also found some of the dialogues of the children too unrealistic for a 5 and 3 year old. If this book seems to be your taste, then I recommend you give it a try. You may like it. I, however, could not enjoy it.

Life After Coffee
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