Friday, January 20, 2017

The Promise of Rayne: one woman's choice between her family and her dreams

The Promise of Rayne by Nicole Dees is the story of Rayne Shelby, a woman who has spent most of her life in the shadow of her family’s powerful name and history. While trying to earn their approval, she seeks perfection while managing the family lodge. Until one day, when one mistakes dashes her dreams and jeopardizes her future. She realizes that she faces a choice: defy her family or deny her dreams. Levi Harding remembers the brief romantic night he had with Shelby as teens and was deeply hurt by her rejection. But when Rayne comes to him seeking help, he cannot resist. The spark is renewed between them but their new relationships is put at risk as a wildfire threatens everything they hold dear and old family secrets are revealed. Will Rayne and Levi be able to hold on to their relationship? Will the family secrets tear them apart?

The Promise of Rayne is a classic story of woman held tight by her family’s control and power and the man who seeks to break her of that hold. I enjoyed Rayne as a woman who cherishes her memories of her beloved grandfather and resents her uncle’s hold on her and refusal to let her grow. I also enjoyed Levi as the man from the wrong side of the tracks who sees Rayne as the brilliant woman she is and is drawn to her. The story has drama, suspense and shocking turns as the story unfolds. I recommend The Promise of Rayne.

The Promise of Rayne
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