Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Home: a story of confronting the past to have a future

Home by Ginny L Yttrup is the story of Melanie and her husband, Craig. Melanie is a writer who is struggling with her next book with looming deadline fast approaching. Craig is a custom home builder who is struggling with their marriage and their lives. He has a beautiful client who makes him feel exciting and important in ways that have been lost with Melanie. Meanwhile, their best friend and next door neighbor, Jill, is in a deep struggle with memories which her mother claims never happened and the feeling as if she is losing her mind. With the help of a fellow writer, Valerie who is also a psychiatrist, Melanie and Jill face their demons and confront the truth they both have been running from. Will Craig give in to his desires? Will he walk away from his marriage? Will Melanie discover what is causing her writer’s block? Will she be able to finish this book on time? Will Jill figure out what is wrong? Will she truly lose her mind?

Home was a interesting book as there were three perspectives shown in the story. While Melanie and Craig were the main plotline, I enjoyed Jill’s story far better. It was much more interesting and gut wrenching as she learns the truth behind her “memories” and mental issues. I loved the insight into a writer’s writing methods. As a writer myself, I enjoyed seeing the rituals and patterns Melanie follows in order to write her story. I highly recommend Home for its drama and realistic portrayal of life’s struggles and the road back to a place of peace and contentment.

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