Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Two new titles in the wonderful If you were me and lived in... series

Today I have two new children’s books from Carole P. Roman. First, If you were me and lived in…the Mayan Empire where this ancient society and culture from the Yucatan Peninsula is explored. In this book, Ms. Roman discusses daily life and rituals, the foods the Mayans cultivated and ate as well as the structure of the classes and the jobs everyone had. There is even a section which discusses that the lasting contributions to the world that the Mayans left behind. Such as the concept of zero in mathematics and their calendar.

Second, If you were me and lived in…Germany is an exploration of the European nation. The sights and sounds of the capital and largest city, Berlin. The foods which are common in German households and the famous festivals such as Oktoberfest. Readers will learn about the beautiful castle which are located in Germany, even the castle which inspired Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland. 

I enjoyed learning about the Mayan Empire which was instrumental to life as we know it today. I also enjoyed getting to know life in the beautiful country of Germany. These books will teach children about life in the past and life in a present country. They will realize that people may live in different countries but they may like and enjoy the same things they do. Both books are excellent additions to the If you were me and lived in… series. I highly recommend both books and the other books in the series to any family and classroom library.

If you were me and lived in...The Mayan Empire
If you were me and lived in...Germany
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