Thursday, June 15, 2017

The 7 Myths about Love...Actually: an examination of what we falsely believe about love and happiness

The 7 Myths about Love…Actually by Mike George is an examination of common misconceptions about love, happiness, our identities and our world. The book is structured into three parts. Part 1 is entitled “A Love Story” in which Mr. George discusses the myths about love and debunks each myth. Part 2 is entitled “A True Story” in which the author discusses the labels in which we identify ourselves by and as well as why those labels are wrong or not necessary. He calls these labels “Pretends.” Part 3 is entitled “A Happy Story” in which Mr. George discusses thirteen myths about happiness and what happiness truly is. How can someone truly love and be happy in today’s world?

I was interested in this book when I saw the title. I was eager to see these love myths as I know many people who believe so desperately in them. However, the book I read wasn’t what I anticipated. It is a self-help book to help readers become self-realized. Self-realization is the fulfilment by oneself of the possibilities of one’s character or personality. It is a term often used in psychology, philosophy, spirituality and Eastern religions. While I agreed with some of Mr. George’s premises, I found myself rolling my eyes and disagreeing with many of his statements. In his introduction, he tells the reader to not to believe a word. He urges readers to “believe nothing but examine everything.” I agree with this statement, do not believe simply because someone told you; however, I did not agree with his statement that all beliefs are lies. There are things in life that one must take on faith and your belief is rewarded or not later. While I did not agree with many statements made in this book, I am recommending it to those who are seeking why they often lose in love or are unhappy. The one main truth in this book is love and happiness is found within and once you have it there, you will find it in the world.

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