Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lil' Lilly's 'Bow'thday Present: not as entertaining as I thought it would be

Lil’ Lilly’s ‘Bow’thday Present by Kathy Johnson and illustrated by Captain Cartoon is an adventures of Lilly from birth to her delivery by the stork and a special gift she receives. According to the press release which I received with my copy of this book, Kathy Johnson is known as a ‘master punster’ and “brings vocabulary to early grades in a most unique and entertaining way.

I have to disagree with that statement. This book was hard for me to read as well for my 4 year old daughter to listen to. The word puns were not fun or entertaining. The constant quotations and breaking up of the words was hard to read. The story is too confusing and it reads like it’s supposed to be a comic book but isn’t set up like one. I understand and commend Ms. Johnson for the lesson she is trying to teach to her readers. The book is supposed to teach the “theme of good vs evil, while building character and instilling values” and that love is the key to being happy and defeating evil. I didn’t see that. Maybe because I had a hard time reading it to myself as well as to my daughter. For me, this book failed to be fun, entertaining and while the presentation is unique, it was hard to read. I cannot recommend this book.