Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What was I thinking?: a fun book to teach children about their brains

What was I thinking? Volume 1: My Brainy Best Friend by Zac Lange is a engaging story which introduces children to the power and responsibility of their brains.

The story follows a young boy and his best friend: his brain. It helps him think, play, laugh, and read. Sometimes when the brain takes a rest, he make mistakes because he did not think before he acts. When the brain comes back from its rest and it realize the mistake he’s made. The boy with his brain create a special list about how to avoid making mistakes in the future. First, stop and think. Think of the consequences. Will he get in trouble? Second, could this hurt? Physical injury or broken items around the house. Third, could this get me in trouble? Is he allowed to do this activity?

What was I thinking? is a great book introducing kids to the power of their brains. It teaches them to use their brain in order to do the right thing. The illustrations are fun and engaging. I think that children will enjoy reading this story and will understand the lesson involved. My 4 year old daughter enjoyed listening to the story and even today still tells me that her brain is in the head. I recommend this book for any family or classroom library.

What was I thinking?
Volume 1: My Brainy Best Friend
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in hardcover $22.95
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