Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Frog that lost his croak: a lesson in being a part of the world around you

The Frog that lost His Croak by Anne Toole is a lesson in the difference of a part of the world and trying to be the world. “A little frog that loved his croak night and day/Was very sad when his croak suddenly went away./While waiting and hope for his croak to return/What valuable lessons did the little frog learn?”

A frog loved his croak. He thought it was the best croak around and he boasted about it. The other frogs were mad. Until one day, his croak was gone. He talks to his parents who tell him to rest and his croak would be back. The other frogs now made fun of him for losing his croak. As he waits for his croak to return, he finally is able to hear the other sounds around the pond: the birds, the insects. He realized that it’s not all about his. There are a lot of beautiful songs in the world and his croak is simply one of them. The book is told in prose and I love poetry. It’s a great lesson about being a part of the beautiful world instead of trying to be its center. Written for children between the ages of 4-7, the story presents such an important way that captures their imagination. I highly recommend this book for family and school libraries. 

The Frog that lost his croak
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